Taeyang and Jimin show what the VIBE is in new song

Who knew we needed BIGBANG’s superstar to collaborate with BTS’ it boy?


2023 couldn’t have started any better than this, only the second week of its first month and we’ve been blessed with one unexpected collab between BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and BTS‘ Jimin. The news shocked both fan bases and it became a highly anticipated release.

Seeing both great names of K-pop and two generations coming together to deliver such an amazing song that brings together the best of both worlds, Taeyang and Jimin showed not only perfect vocals but amazing dance moves as well. Both of them were involved in the making of the song as well, proving that they both are a whole package.

‘VIBE’ is out and going places since last Friday, staying at the top of iTunes charts, showing that Taeyang and Jimin have the key to a successful song. The song has this R&B, hip-hop vibe and fits both singers’ styles so much.

TEDDY, a producer that has worked many times with BIGBANG and Taeyang was also in the mix of the making of ‘VIBE’. In an interview, Taeyang said how him and TEDDY had Jimin in mind for a collaboration and were only waiting for BTS to begin their solo activities for it to happen.

If you haven’t checked out the song or the movie video yet, we’re going to help you and link it below:


Taeyang and Jimin challenged all the fans to learn the moves for ‘VIBE’ and post it online! Here’s the duo challenge on TikTok:




So, what do you guys think of ‘VIBE’? Let us know on the comments below!

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