Stevie Nicks and Miley Cyrus give us the perfect collab

Stevie Nicks and Miley Cyrus have collaborated on a remix of Midnight Sky to include Stevie's 80s hit Edge of Seventeen.


Stevie Nicks and Miley Cyrus are both vocal powerhouses and absolutely iconic in their own right so we know you’ll be just as excited about this hit as we were.

‘Edge of Midnight’ is a mash-up of Miley’s ‘Midnight Sky’ and Stevie’s 80s rock hit ‘Edge of Seventeen’. Both songs are seamlessly integrated and each vocalist has added additional tracks over the other song to truly make it a collaborative approach. This makes the two songs feel like they’ve always belonged together as the tracks aren’t just stuck back to back but they work together to elevate ‘Midnight Sky’ further into the stratosphere.

With Miley Cyrus due to release Plastic Hearts on November 27th, it’s time to start pre-ordering and pre-saving the album to make sure you can put Edge of Midnight on repeat now, alongside Miley’s monumental covers of Blondie’s Heart of Glass and The Cranberries’ Zombie.

Stevie and Miley work so well together vocally and share a determination to stay honest in their lyrics so we really hope this is only the beginning and that they’ll have more to share over the next few years.

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