Looking for some soulful pop? Saint Clair’s your girl


When she’s not busy playing as part of Laura Marling’s live band, Saint Clair is bringing herself into the forefront with the release of brand new track ‘Heavy On My Heart’.


Bringing her immersive take on soul to today’s pop-satuarated scene, Saint Clair has released the new single as the follow-up to her impressive debut ‘Sailing’.


Saint Clair is signed to Plan B’s Wunderkind imprint which has also launched talents such as Pigeons & Planes and Obenewa.


As well as providing vocals for Kwabs and Ghostpoet, Saint Clair is now bringing herself into focus as a fast-rising star in her own right, and we think ‘Heavy On My Heart’ will definitely put her on the right track to do so.


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