Review: We Three at the Wilbur Theatre, Boston


We Three took the stage at The Wilbur Theatre with all smiles and an undeniable passion for the music they were playing during their Lifeline Tour.

The band, consisting of siblings Joshua, Manny and Bethany Humlie, entertained an audience of all ages in Boston on March 12, 2019, and finished, as requested by fans, with an encore. It was a performance every music fan could enjoy regardless of if they were familiar with the group and their music or not.

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With a diverse setlist, including covers of popular artists such as Ed Sheeran, the crowd was able to sing along to both the songs they already knew and the tracks they were learning the lyrics to during the show from simply listening. The intimate performance showcased the band’s talent and also displayed how humble they are to be able to perform for their fans around the country.

Attendees were beyond excited that the group decided to make a stop during their tour in Boston. They continuously screamed out requests to the band, snapped countless photos and even attempted to get selfies if they were close enough to the stage. At times, the songs were a bit emotional due to the meaningful and honest messages they portrayed through their lyrics. The Lifeline Tour gives fans a little bit of everything and more than any fan could ask for in general.

Photo Credit – Alessandra Guarneri

We Three are beyond comfortable on stage with each other and feed off of both their own energy and the audience’s energy. They were effortlessly connected and in sync with each other which resonated with the crowd. Between Joshua serenading fans with mini acoustic performances, the vocals from Bethany and an incredible drum solo by Manny, each member was able to impressively display their talent during this show.

Photo Credit – Alessandra Guarneri

The Wilbur Theatre experienced a seemingly flawless show from the trio. They knew exactly how to win over the crowd in the most genuine way possible. It was evident that We Three had practised and rehearsed this setlist until they knew it inside out. There were even some unreleased songs played and fans were desperate to learn every word during them.

Photo Credit – Alessandra Guarneri

We Three put on a show that was interactive, fun and the perfect balance between energy and emotion. This stop on their tour was one to remember and may have left fans without a voice based on the volume of their screams. If you are a fan of music and want to see a captivating show full of genuine messages and talent, be sure to check out We Three on their Lifeline Tour.

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