The Vamps rock Kew Gardens summer music festival

The Vamps headlined the popular London festival, Kew The Music in Kew Gardens, last week.


The Vamps are in the midst of their summer shows and last week they headlined Kew The Music. The summer concerts, held in Kew Gardens, have seen artists such as Bastille and Jack Savoretti headline this year too.

Henry Moodie and New Hope Club took to the stage before The Vamps, setting the mood for the evening. Both incredibly energetic pop acts, Henry Moodie and New Hope Club really got the audience warmed up and everyone was singing along excitedly to their songs.

Before long The Vamps graced the stage with their usual intro song Last Night. Their energy when on stage is unbelievable and the whole crowd was in a trance from the moment they stepped onto the stage. The setlist seemed almost identical to the one they played at their Greatest Hits Tour late last year.

With every single song they sang the crowd sang and danced along. The whole of Kew Gardens turned into one big party, quite literally. It was a very picturesque place to have a concert. The Kew Gardens team encouraged people to bring picnics of food and drink but these mainly were discarded when The Vamps came on as they fully captured everybody’s attention.

Towards the end Lovestruck seemed to erupt the loudest scream of the night, with even a few fans holding back tears at the excitement of hearing their favourite song live. The Vamps closed their set with arguably one of their most popular songs, All Night, and the crowd gave their last drops of energy into jumping during the song. The electric energy of everyone was incredible! Lewis Capaldi even made a surprise cameo at the gig which created an extreme buzz in the audience.

The Vamps are certainly amazing performers and showmen, there is no doubt about that.

You can catch The Vamps at one of their shows this summer, the list of dates can be found here.

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