The Driver Era Live at The Greek review: The must-see concert film of 2024

The Driver Era held two screenings last week of their new concert film, ‘Live At The Greek’. I was lucky enough to attend one and here are my thoughts.


If you’ve not heard of The Driver Era, firstly where have you been? And secondly, you are truly missing out! The dream duo from the US consists of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, and they recorded their sold-out show at The Greek Theatre last summer. This means they released it as a live album, and also had it filmed for a concert doc. Last week, the duo screened the film version for fans for the very first time in Paris and London. I was lucky enough to attend the London screening and it was everything! You can watch the trailer down below

Like any fan, I absolutely love a concert film but I knew this was going to be a special one as to sell out a venue like the Greek Theatre is huge and also, The Driver Era are my favourite artists to see live! Before the film began, Ross and Rocky came into the cinema to thank the fans for coming and to introduce the film. You could quite literally feel the excitement of everyone in the room.

The film started with the brothers talking about how excited they were for the show and also showed hundreds of fans queing up. I love the before of a concert and it was almost like getting to live that as a fan and also through them, it was a good hype for what was about to become.

As soon as their opening song ‘Feel You Now’ began, I could hear people already singing along and tapping their feet beside me. A couple of songs in, most of the fans in the cinema had began to sing and dance along while sat in their seats. It was almost like a warm up because when ‘Nobody Knows’ started, the majority of the cinema were on their feet dancing and singing. It was amazing to see, it felt like you were right there in the Greek Theatre. The atmosphere was incredible, and we were only viewing this concert through a screen.

Another highlight of the film, for me, and I think for a lot of fans in the screening, was when Ross and Rocky’s R5 bandmates joined them on stage for a small reunion to sing one song together. A few people around me were crying happy tears from just watching this evolve on the big screen.

The concert film not only included special moments with their ex-bandmates, but also sweet moments of the brothers’ Mum and Dad that melted the audience’s hearts. It was so touching that they included such sentimental family moments.

After the film finished, Ross and Rocky came back to take questions from the fans to which they each answered equally. They even played the delighted fans a snippet from their next single and some unreleased demos. They had every fan on the edge of their seats, wanting more.

It was so magical to see how much of an impact this concert film had on all of the fans in the cinema, let alone the fans who actually attended the show last summer. It was electrifying! I am already craving to rewatch it… Ross and Rocky, if you are reading this, when will the film be available on streaming?

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