Review: Lost Kings at The Sinclair, Boston


After we sat down with them for an interview, Lost Kings took the stage at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA with their energy so high it radiated throughout the whole venue.

With their latest EP, ‘Paper Crowns’, recently released and a plethora of popular tracks from multiple different artists right now, the content was seemingly endless for this dynamic duo.

It was clear that both Robert Abisi and Nick Shanholtz were having the best time performing their songs for some of their most dedicated fans in the crowd on January 24 — and with a packed setlist, it was beyond worth it.

The DJ/producer duo didn’t have any limits (in the best way possible) when it came to hyping up the audience in front of them: They stood on their mixing table to dance and even jumped off of it while still managing to control the music effortlessly.

Between fans attempting to get on stage to be even closer to them and Lost Kings taking selfie videos on their fans phones, it was clear to any member of the audience that the fan-to-artist connection for this group is undeniably strong.

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The friendship and bond between Abisi and Shanholtz is evident, too, both when they are on stage and through their interactions with the crowd. They have fun together and share the same passion for music. When they’re on stage doing their thing, they make sure everyone in the audience is also having a good time and enjoying themselves.

By playing both original songs and remixing other popular tracks such as ‘thank u, next’ by Ariana Grande and ‘Close To Me’ by Ellie Goulding, Lost Kings gave everyone the chance to sing along to something they know during their set. It’s a show and tour any fan of electronic music shouldn’t miss.

Also, their on-stage visuals are beyond impressive and captivating.

Be sure to check out Lost Kings on tour now!

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