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It’s been two years since 5 Seconds of Summer signed Hey Violet to their label, Hi or Hey Records. Two tours as 5SOS’s support act, a bunch of EPs and one new band member later, Rena Lovelis, Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, Casey Moreta and Iain Shipp have finally released their debut album, ‘From The Outside’.

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The most noticeable thing about the album is that their sound has progressed and evolved since their first 2015 EP, ‘I Can Feel It’. Gone are the typical pop-rock vibes, now replaced by a totally unique sound that can only really be categorised as alternative pop.

There’s been a major lyrical change, showing that the band has matured in 24 months, and lead singer Rena’s vocals have become stronger.

There’s an element of fun to the record as the band has experimented with the sound, with ‘Like Lovers Do’ playing with a carnival-esque sound, full of eerie but thrilling vibes. ‘All We Ever Wanted’ could be more of a club rave banger with a beat that’s easy to bounce around to.

For me, the song that is most relatable is ‘O.D.D’, which is an anthem for the outcasts who are unable to fit in. Many of their fans seem to be able to relate to this track, with lyrics such as, “Most people really don’t get me/I’m the girl in the back of the class/Blank stare, don’t care, don’t ask.”

Despite exploring with their sound, I think ‘This Is Me Breaking Up With You’ is more of an ‘I Can Feel It’ EP 2.0 – the typical pop-rock sound but with a little layer of grunge added into the mix.

I think this album really showcases all what Hey Violet are capable of and captures the influences of each member. It’s the kind of sound that’s missing from mainstream music and has the ability to encourage young people to pick up an instrument and make music. I truly love ‘From The Outside’ and cannot wait to see what it is going to sound like live.

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