Review: PRETTYMUCH at House of Blues, Boston


PRETTYMUCH were pretty much the only thing on the audience’s mind at the House of Blues in Boston on Nov. 18.

PRETTYMUCH consists of Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, Zion Kuwonu and Edwin Honoret. Each member brings something new and unique to the band in order to provide fans with the perfect combination of personalities, styles and vocals. This was clearly displayed through the intricate harmonies successfully performed and their connection with the crowd in front of them.

During their final stop of the Funktion Tour, the five-piece boy band took the stage to perform some of their most well-known songs in a 15 song setlist for their fans. Amongst the screaming and cheering for PRETTYMUCH, as well as for each individual member, the group was able to put on a high energy show from start to finish while still incorporating aesthetic to their performance. Choreography, stage production and impressive vocals certainly made this show a memorable one.

Fans cheered at the top of their lungs until their faces began to turn red and some could not believe that their favorite five people were standing practically right in front of them. Each member took the time to wave to different fans and dance their way from one side of the stage to the next. This only pumped up their fans more and kept them eager for what track was next. Their attention was in high demand and they did everything they could to please their dedicated fanbase during their last stop on this tour.

Through different visuals, lighting, choreography and subconscious creativity, PRETTYMUCH made an impression on the audience in Boston and couldn’t help but smile from the beginning of the show to the end. It was clear that there was nothing else they would want to be doing at that moment and this was simply evident from their expressions on stage. It was natural for them to interact with the crowd and dance with their bandmates to catchy tunes. Nothing seemed forced and everyone, including PRETTYMUCH, seemed to be having fun. 

Each member shined through this final stop in Boston on the Funktion Tour and proved that PRETTYMUCH is not a name to forget or miss out on for music fans.

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