MONSTA X bring you on a journey in ALL ABOUT LUV

MONSTA X made Valentine’s Day special for their Monbebes with the release of their latest much-anticipated project.


MONSTA X made Valentine’s Day special for their Monbebes with the release of their latest much-anticipated project “ALL ABOUT LUV”, the all-English album explores all facets of a relationship but don’t consider it a love album, in fact their most powerful tracks talk about breakups and bitter deceit.

The brave decision of singing entirely in English has been received very well as the album charted no.5 on the Billboard 200 chart the past week and on release day landed on no.1 spot on the iTunes Charts of seventeen countries.

With “ALL ABOUT LUV” MONSTA X show their unique versatility with throbbing beats, powerful vocals and catchy rap bars all tied in a sleek production that conveys the universal language of love. To not dismiss is the personal touch of Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M who contributed in penning the lyrics for ‘Who Do U Love?’, ‘Middle Of The Night’ and ‘Beside U’.

Opening with ‘Who Do U Love’ [a remix of the track by also closes the album], MONSTA X share verses in a sharp falsetto before rapper French Montana step in. The sweet, smooth and sultry ‘Love U’ inject a dose of bubble gum pop with its fun vibe and playful lyrics that explore young love and sex. MOSTA X navigate these themes in a SFW way.

‘Happy Without Me’ passive aggressive lyrics will speak to anyone who has ever experience a breakup. Don’t get fooled by the chilled vibes of this track because with their rich harmonies the boys are bitterly singing about an ex-lover moving on and admitting that “I hate to see you happy without me.”

On the gospel-esque ‘Got My Number’ the the harmonies amply heard on the song show how beautiful MONSTA X sounds like when their voices are a unison.

On “ALL ABOUT LUV” MONSTA X walk us through an emotional rollercoaster as the mood change again with ‘Middle Of The Night’. MONSTA X sing about being madly in love with someone but sleeping alone and feeling replaced by other love interests. With a smooth opening ‘She’s The One’ will make you feel warm inside and your heart will flutter with its pure confessional lyrics.

As MONSTA X explore the ups and downs of love and relationships and being driven by emotions, the group explore a more rational and difficult side of relationships in ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’. With their rich vocals the boys sing about making the hard and final decision of letting a lover go instead of being in a relationships that won’t bring happiness to anyone.

Another sultry track is the piano-led ballad “Misbehave”, which tells the dynamics of a messed up relationship that basks in the frenzy of makeup sex: “Love it when we mess things up / Every time we argue / Straight into the bedroom.”

Ending the love-cycle, MONSTA X teamed with Pitbull for the track ‘Beside U’ to talk about how far and wide someone would go through for the person they love.

With “ALL ABOUT LUV”, MONSTA X have proven that love and music don’t have any language barrier.

  1. Marfisita says

    Thank you for your great review of All about luv album ❤️ MonstaX dedicated this album to all international monbebe around the world

  2. Michaela says

    It’s a bop ❤️

  3. Helen Nguyen says

    Thank you for writing this great article! It’s great that it’s acknowledged the album doesn’t just focus on the sweet sides of love, but all the bitter sides too

  4. Teate says

    Great review!
    We all have been through these types of relationships!, we can identify with their songs. Thank you MONSTA X for this great “All About Luv” album.

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