Review: Greyson Chance at Sonia, Cambridge

With impressive energy and individuality, Greyson Chance took the stage at Sonia in Cambridge, Massachusetts for a sold-out show.


The crowd was most definitely starstruck, almost as if they were in a trance as soon as the music began and Greyson was up on stage. The venue was packed and full of die-hard fans of all ages. They effortlessly screamed, eagerly tried to get his attention and sang along to every word as if they had been rehearsing his setlist for months.

Throughout the show, Greyson could not stop smiling. He reached into the crowd to grab hands of fans — he even took some selfie videos on a few phones of himself performing while on stage! It was clear that he was grateful to be there and beyond satisfied with what he got to experience as an artist. The fan-to-artist connection was seemingly perfect throughout the show. They knew when to stay quiet and put on their cell phone flashlights and when to scream his lyrics at the top of their lungs.

greyson chance on stage at sonia cambridge

With a setlist of 14 songs and an encore including two more, attendees were able to hear all that they asked for and more. Greyson’s performance was not only exciting and fun, but it was also intimate. He serenaded the crowd with songs on the piano and took the time to speak about a few and their meaning. Some things that inspire his music are love and growing up.

The ‘Low’ singer made sure that fans in attendance who were not very familiar with his music were clued in on who he is as a person, his story and what his songs are about. With tracks on the setlist both old and new from his discography, fans from all eras were also able to have the best of both worlds.

If anything, this show displayed how Greyson Chance has grown as both an artist and a person throughout the past eight years or so. The performance was inclusive, entertaining and definitely a night to remember.

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