Gina Miles finds her sound with Chris Isaak Wicked Game cover

Gina Miles' cover of Chris Issak's 'Wicked Game' performance and review


Pop artist and singer-songwriter, Gina Miles, is back and more mature. At 19, Gina competed in Season 23 of the hit TV show, The Voice, and won with guidance from her mentor, Niall Horan. Following her exciting journey on the show, she signed with Republic Records and released her debut EP, Who Are You.

Her latest single, a cover of Chris Isaak’s 1980s rock song ‘Wicked Game,’ highlights her chilling and breathtaking vocals. The accompanying black-and-white music video, set on the beach, further enhances the song’s haunting atmosphere. What stands out most in this performance is her extraordinary breath control, allowing her to deliver deep, resonant vocals.

This is a stark contrast to her previous works on TV, social media, and her EP, which feature a more playful, jazz and pop tone rather than consistently deep vocals and breath-catching choruses. While, ‘Wicked Game’ is not Gina’s original music; it embody her mature and storytelling journey to a tee. In an interview with KCRA-TV last fall, she mentioned that, “[For] my EP, I wrote a lot of things that were not my own experience — just writing stories,” “And now it’s become more of a diary, so it’s really exciting to have those new creative inspirations to draw from.”

This past week, she performed the song on The Voice, introduced by Niall Horan. The performance was as stunning and poignant as the music video. Both online and in-person viewers could feel Gina’s emotions as she experienced her first full-circle moment, transitioning from a contestant to a pop singer signed to a record label. As a fan of Gina, I am incredibly excited to see what she does next with Republic Records, whether it’s another EP, a single, or even an album in the future.

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