After two years EVERGLOW show their glow in London

The girl group returned to the UK for their EVERGLOW EU [ALL MY GIRLS] tour... but did they glow enough?


The FOREVER’s (fans) of EVERGLOW have been waiting a while for the group to return after a long hiatus of 20 months. That the group will return on stage so fast after the release of their last album All My Girls was something that FOREVER’s only could’ve dreamed of – yet, that dream became reality. The South Korean girl group, under Yuehua Entertainment, returned after two years to London at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire for a two hour show full of singing and dancing. EVERGLOW alias AISHA, E:U, MIA, ONDA, SIHYEON and YIREN show their small but loyal fanbase why they deserve to shine in the spotlights and why they are one of the most lovable and deserving girl groups in K-pop.

EVERGLOW @ O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire
EVERGLOW @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

At 19:30 PM, the group arrives on stage and I immediately notice how this is different than a normal K-pop concert that I’ve been to before. EVERGLOW’s fanbase looks quite small, personally I think they deserve more. The girls are strictly in sync with each other on the choreography, and it’s clear how determined they are to put up a good show. The first song on their set list, “FIRST”, is a great opener for their show, but I feel a sparkle insecurity in the air. That feeling wasn’t wrong after MIA told the fans that they’re not in their best physical state today, but it’s becoming better because of everyone in the crowd.

That feeling is undeserved, these girls are working hard to put on their best show for their FOREVER’s. Even without any outfit chances or a spectacular light show. Something that EVERGLOW makes unique is how close they are with their FOREVER’s, they have a lot of interaction with them throughout their set list by telling stories about their different experiences in preparing for the show. The concert is very diverse, from a ballad on their original song “HUSH” to dance- and singing covers on songs such as on Sam Smith and Kim Petra’s “Unholy” or “Shout Out To My Ex” by Little Mix. They even have a small mash-up of K-pop songs like “3D” by Jungkook and “TOMBOY” from (G)I-DLE. However, the performances of their own songs are the absolute best to watch – “DUM DUM DUM” and “LA DI DA” as highlights. It is impressive to see how this group gains more energy throughout the show and how much energy they get out of performing for their fans. With the encore, the girls come back on stage – a bit emotional – to take a group picture and to finish their two hour long show with their smash hit “Bon Bon Chocolat”.

One thing is certain: EVERGLOW loves their FOREVER’s and their FOREVER’s love EVERGLOW. The group glows on the stage, and we hope to see them even glow more at their next tour!

Concert overview

Rating: 7/10
Highlights: FIRST, DUN DUN, LA DI DA
3. Pirate
6. Unholy (Sam Smith & Kim Petras dance cover by MIA & E:U)
7. Shout Out to my Ex (Little Mix Cover by SIHYEON, AISHA, YIREN & ONDA)
8. Don’t Speak
9. Company
11. Hush
12. Oh Ma Ma God
13. Lovesick Girls / Fast Forward / 3D / TOMBOY
14. Moon
15. Untouchable
16. LA DI DA
17. Adios
17. Back Together
18. Bon Bon Chocolat

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