Review: Emma Blackery @ Tramshed, Cardiff


Emma Blackery is the musician turned YouTuber who is keeping punk rock music alive. Following the release of her latest EP, ‘Magnitised’, Emma is currently embarking on an 8-date-tour across the UK and I was lucky to see her at her show in Tramshed, Cardiff.


As she burst onto the stage full of energy, the atmosphere in the room was at an all-time high, feeding off the upbeat vibes as Emma began to sing her first song, ‘Nothing Without You’, the lead single from the new EP. Despite only releasing ‘Magnitised’ a few days prior to the gig, the crowd knew every single word to the new songs, proving that Blackery’s fanbase is nothing short of loyal.

Being an intimate gig, Emma’s interaction with the crowd was something pretty special and much valued by her fans and was full of wit and banter. From the crowd chanting for her to chug down her water, to renaming her guitarist to Bryan (real name Ryan) and jokingly threatening to kick out those who were demanding she sang ‘Google+’, a song written by Blackery about social media that went viral, there was a close connection between artist and fan that was something totally admirable.

When you’re a musician whose well known online, a lot of criticism and false accusations are something that just comes part of the job, but any claims from haters that Emma is autotuned were easily shot down as her distinctive voice was nothing but powerful and full of emotion that arguably could be better live than on recordings, which is just solid evidence of how much of a talented musician Blackery truly is.

There was a nice balance of pop punk songs to dance to such as ‘Sucks To Be You’ and ‘Let Me Be’ and ballads to tug on your heartstring like ‘Fixation’ and ‘Instead’, which kept the crowd on their toes and feeling a variety of emotions from all of Emma’s songs written to tell the tale of such personal stories from the Essex-born.

The entire set was incredible to witness from beginning to end and Emma is a truly credible artist that has so much potential of dominating the music industry. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what’s next for Miss Blackery.

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