DREAMCATCHER create a magical night in London

With their world tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors] DREAMCATCHER shows how to make it an unforgettable night!


Nearly two years have passed since DREAMCATCHER graced London with their presence. The Korean girl group with members JI U, SU A, SIYEON, HANDONG, YOOHYEON, DAMI, and GAHYEON are known for their unique with a mix of rock and K-pop which works surprisingly well. Their fourth London show, which was held at Troxy, wasn’t sold out, but who cares? The fans, better known as their InSomnia’s are excited, waiting in the crowd with their merchandise from the group such as lightsticks and robes, especially the last one which is a unique merchandise item. At 8 PM, a video starts and it’s time for DREAMCATCHER to arrive on stage to kick their London show off for their “Dreamcatcher 2024 World
Tour [Luck Inside 7 Doors] in EUROPE”.

Visually, the concert was a spectacle. The lighting and backdrops amplified the mood of each song, from the dramatic flair of ‘Rising’ where the vocal prowess of the members was front and center, to the whimsical visuals that accompanied ‘Deja Vu’. Throughout the show there were small videos where the members were creating a winter wonderland that mesmerized the audience. A notable shift in the show’s dynamic came after the first part of the show, moving from precise choreography to a more relaxed vibe, showcasing the members’ genuine friendship and playful interactions.

Fan favourites like ‘Wake Up’ ignited the crowd, with everyone participating in the chorus, creating a unified chorus that filled the venue. The group’s lighter side was revealed through humorous interludes, like a ‘ringtone’ moment, as a sort of ‘prank’ to the audience. The performance of ‘The Curse of the Spider’ was a true headbanger moment, while ‘Scream’ was met with a loud response from the crowd, both for its energetic choreography and the audience’s participation.

Each member had opportunities to shine individually, highlighting their unique talents and personalities. They even ventured into British slang, with phrases like ‘cuppa’ and ‘lovely jubbly’, adding a personal touch to their interaction with the London crowd. The energy peaked with tracks like ‘Mayday’ and ‘New Days’, transforming the venue into a rave during ‘Silent Night’, showcasing the group’s and the audience’s enduring stamina.

A fan project during the photo session demonstrated the deep bond between DREAMCATCHER and their InSomnia’s, which is further shown by the collective singing of ‘Reason’. The phrase ‘You are the reason of our lives’ displayed on the screen underscored the night’s theme of unity and appreciation. The encore was a beautiful moment, with the group and fans sharing gifts and banners, leaving everyone with a feeling of belonging and togetherness.

DREAMCATCHER’s return to London was more than just a concert; it was a celebration of music, unity, and the magical connection between the group and their InSomnia’s. Through a mix of high-energy songs, emotional ballads, and engaging performances, they not only showcased their versatility but also solidified their place in the hearts of those in attendance.

Concert overview
Rating: 8/10
Highlights: Rising, Wake Up, Scream, REASON
2. Black or White
5. Propose
6. Rising
7. Fairytale
8. Diamond
9. Wake Up
10 The Curse of the Spider
11. Scream
12. Shatter
13. Déjà vu
14. To. You
15. Lullaby
16. Mayday
17. New Days
18. Silent Night
19. BOCA
21. We Are Young

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