The Chainsmokers’ Memories…Do Not Open is an album you’ll never forget

Get to know their heavily featured guest artist Emily Warren


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In 2015, the Chainsmokers released their EP ‘Bouquet’, followed by another EP in 2016 ‘Collage‘. Both  provided us with some amazing tracks, from songs like ‘Roses’ to ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey; the EDM duo keep releasing hit after hit.

Now in 2017, The Chainsmokers have finally released a full album, and it’s one that you’re going to want to listen to on repeat, over and over again. The most highly-anticipated EDM album of the year is finally here.

Tracks include features from Louane, Jhene Aiko, Florida-Georgia Lane and an artist who you’ll see a lot of: Emily Warren.

Who is Emily Warren? not open
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Emily is an American singer-songwriter who spends her time between New York, London and Los Angeles. When she’s not singing, she’s writing songs for the likes of Sean Paul and Shawn Mendes, to name a few.

This isn’t the first time Emily has worked with The Chainsmokers either. In 2015, she featured on the track ‘Until You Were Gone’ from the ‘Bouquet’ EP.  Despite not featuring on their 2016 EP, Emily is making up for it now. She features on three tracks in total. Although not credited on the track ‘Paris’, she features on it along with ‘Don’t Say’ and ‘My Type’.

So if you’ve liked what they’ve previously released, you’re going to LOVE this album. My personal favourites are ‘The One’, ‘My Type’ and ‘Honest’. I’m sure this album will bring a lot of memories to everyone who listens to it.

The EDM duo will also be kicking off their tour very soon at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on April 13th, at which Emily Warren will also be making an appearance. There’s so much for all Chainsmokers fans to look forward to.

Get ‘Memories… Do Not Open’ in the UK and the US on iTunes now.


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