Review: Bryce Vine at Brighton Music Hall, Boston


With countless hits, including a smash hit of the summer ‘Drew Barrymore,’ there’s no doubt that Bryce Vine has beyond dedicated fans who will show up for him regardless of the day, time, and place and this was evident at Brighton Music Hall on February 6, 2019.

After selling out the venue, Vine took the stage in his normal, yet highly fashionable, attire with a full venue cheering and screaming in hopes to catch his eye. Fans of the singer were of all ages, from teenagers to older generations, but were all equally excited to see the star perform on stage.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Brighton Music Hall was booming with high volume tunes from both years ago and the singer’s newest tracks now. He made sure to balance his setlist with his most known songs and songs that his most dedicated fans would only know, but he gave every song the same amount of effort and energy.

This show was a night to remember for both the singer and the audience. Vine kept his energy at the highest level humanly possible from the second he stepped foot on stage until he exited after his final song and most likely even afterwards. The ‘Control’ singer was undeniably excited to be performing in Boston and that was apparent to everyone watching him. It was clear that he was having fun and genuinely happy to be interacting with his fans. Between getting in fan videos they were taking of the show and grabbing everyone’s hand he could possibly touch, Vine went out of his way to recognize his supporters in the crowd throughout the show.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Vine made sure to show off some dance moves while still maintaining smooth vocals from start to finish. He performed as if it was the last time he was going to be performing on stage. When thinking about someone putting their all into a performance, this set was an ideal example of that. The ‘Drew Barrymore’ singer was grateful for his fans selling out the venue, but he also made it evident that the stage is seemingly where he feels most comfortable.

Be sure to check out Bryce Vine on tour and keep up with his Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. 

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