Review: FUTURE FEATS at House of Blues Boston

The group opened up alongside Tokyo Police Club for Matt and Kim.


All photos © Alessandra Guarneri, United By Pop

On April 26, 2018, four-piece band FUTURE FEATS took the stage in Boston, Massachusetts to open for electronic duo Matt and Kim.

This band knew just how to get the crowd jumping and excited for Tokyo Police Club, the other opener, and the headliner while playing a rather upbeat set at the House of Blues.

Although FUTURE FEATS is a fairly new band in the music industry, the connection they had with the crowd was undeniable. It was as though their set was designed to always have the crowd involved, regardless of whether or not they knew the songs.

FUTURE FEATS’ performance went beyond catchy tunes. If they played a happy, upbeat song, the House of Blues crowd danced and jumped around with them. If they played something more mellow, spectators listened intently and felt the emotions each member portrayed with either their vocals or instrumentation. Watching them perform live makes you feel every emotion in every song.

If one thing was for sure, it was that FUTURE DEATS were genuinely happy and excited to be playing and performing on stage that night.

They remained humble and focused on giving the audience the best show they possibly could. It was clear they put every ounce of energy and passion into this set and wanted to leave the crowd with a memory. They thanked the audience several times and were grateful to be able to share their music with a large crowd.

future feats boston 3This is something that undoubtedly sat well with the audience and left them eager to see where the band will go in the future. The four-piece band are gaining major exposure and recognition from Matt and Kim’s tour, and they deserve it. Their hard work and dedication to the music they are creating and their fanbase is paying off.

‘Cities In Wonder’ is their most well-known song, and it was not surprising that many people in the crowd already knew the lyrics. With over 200,000 streams on
Spotify, this is only the beginning for them.

FUTURE FEATS already has impressive stage presence and songs you just can’t seem to get out of your head. Keep your eyes and ears out, because they just may release the next hit that’s taking over your radio this summer!

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