The top 10 catchiest songs by Bruno Mars

We're celebrating the singer's Grammy wins by reminiscing on our favorite tracks.


The 60th Annual Grammy Awards were definitely one to watch with uplifting and dynamic performances, it reminds us why we love music. The biggest winner of the night was superstar Bruno Mars—he took home six awards including Album of the Year. Having his most successful year yet, he’s also announced recently he will set out on tour again alongside Cardi B to celebrate his album ’24K Magic’ one last time.

In honor of his huge Grammy wins and recent world tour announcement, we’re counting down our top ten favorite Bruno songs from his rise to fame back in 2010 to superstardom in 2018.

10. ‘Versace On The Floor’

Off his third album ’24K Magic,’ ‘Versace On The Floor’ is a strong, dreamy ballad that made us feel romantic but at the same time angst-filled. The sound reminds us a bit of an old high school 80s prom night—not that we’re complaining.

9. ‘Runaway Baby’

Probably one of Bruno’s most fun songs, ‘Runaway Baby’ takes a spot on his debut album ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans.’ Full of high-energy beats and super smooth guitar riffs, we can’t help but get up and dance when we turn this track on.

8. ‘Treasure’

From his sophomore album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox,’ ‘Treasure’ gives us those Michael Jackson vibes. Its addictive beat reminds us why we love Bruno so much—he has a knack for delving into the groovy side of pop music.

7. ‘Gorilla’

‘Gorilla’ is a slow jam that incorporates rock elements and gave us a taste of how diverse of an artist Bruno really is. He’s able to effortlessly transition from rock to pop to R&B—making it look like a piece of cake.

6. ‘Finesse (Remix)’ feat. Cardi B

The original track for ‘Finesse’ was released with the singer’s third album ’24K Magic’ but this remix featuring rapper Cardi B is probably one of our favorite tracks from 2018 so far. Only adding to the catchy-ness, this tune is reminiscent of old-school R&B everyone can get behind.

5. ‘Just The Way You Are’

How could we forget the record that shot the singer to the top of the charts? ‘Just The Way You Are’ is the sugary sweet ode that we wish every boy would sing to us when we’re feeling down. Bruno made us starry-eyed when we first gave this track a listen back in 2010.

4. ’24K Magic’

Certainly well-deserved, this song won Bruno a Grammy for Record of the Year. Capturing the personality and enthusiasm that the musician is known for, ’24K Magic’ is definitely our pick for Record of the Year too.

3. ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’

The third track on the list from ‘Unorthodox Jukebox,’ ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ again showcases Bruno’s ever-growing diversity across all genres of music. With a mix of R&B but also a little bit of classic rock ‘n’ roll, this song remains in our top three favorite Bruno songs ever.

2. ‘That’s What I Like’

Of course, we had to include the Song of the Year—’That’s What I Like.’ What can we say? It’s one of the catchiest songs that came out this year and it’s no surprise it’s helping Bruno continue his reign in pop music.

1. ‘Uptown Funk’

We could never forget the iconic ‘Uptown Funk.’ Although Bruno is only featured on the track alongside Mark Ronson, we can’t help but associate it with the megastar himself. The song landed both musicians a Grammy for Record of the Year in 2016.

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