10 artists we need Christmas music from

We wish these singers would take the leap and help us get in the holiday spirit.


‘Tis the season, they say. Well, it’s not really unless you hear Christmas tunes blasting from the speakers of every place of business, car radio, or family home. The best part of every holiday for us is getting to hear what interesting risks popular musicians take when they decide to cover a traditional track. Here are some artists we wish would just take that jump already.

1. One Direction

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The fact that we went through almost six years of One Direction and they never released a single Christmas song is a crime within itself. The boyband could’ve done a killer rendition of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ or ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ Now that the group has been on hiatus indefinitely, the possibility of hearing their beautiful harmonies intertwined on a holiday track is slim to none. There’s always next year, right? (We can be in denial for as long as we want.) Here’s to hoping to a potential reunion and an addition to our Christmas playlists in the near future.

2. Shawn Mendes

Image source: Rolling Stone

Shawn Mendes is a heartthrob and popstar all rolled into one. But there’s something missing—a Christmas album. Like all his predecessors before him—Justin Bieber and The Vamps—the musician contains a talent that could allow him to make a classic Christmas song all his own. His skill on the guitar gives him the opportunity to put an acoustic spin on an upbeat track, smoothing down the booming edges of an overly excited mood. Ultimately, his voice could save the wintery season altogether.

3. Troye Sivan

Image source: iHeart

For some reason, we can hear Troye Sivan crooning the lyrics to ‘Santa Baby’ so clearly. He’s had his fair share of lending his voice to movie soundtracks—Love, SimonBohemian Rhapsody, Boy Erased—what harm would adding a cheerful Christmas song to his repertoire do? That’s right, NONE. Maybe he and his BFF Ariana Grande could take on the holidays with a special duet but we’re not being picky. We’ll take what we can get.

4. Dua Lipa

Image source: Ocean Drive Magazine

Dua Lipa is a star in the making. She has it all—the voice, the looks, and the charm of an all-encompassing female powerhouse musician. Now the ‘New Rules‘ singer needs one more trait to add to her long list of talents—holiday tune master. She could easily take on the most popular Christmas songs without any trouble, she’s that dynamic. Along with the promise of a new album sometime soon, we hope a few holiday jams are on the horizon as well.

5. Little Mix

Image source: Digital Spy

We need a strong girl group to dominate the charts when it comes to the annual holiday releases. Who better than Little Mix to take on that load? It’s the perfect LP to add to their previous five albums. Their angelic voices could mend together to make the most harmonious Christmas album we’ve ever heard. We’re starting the petition now to skyrocket them onto the holiday music charts.

6. Why Don’t We

Image source: Billboard

We’ll never get tired of bands delivering us the cheesy, humble jams we’ve been listening to since we were kids. Just like One Direction, we long for a Christmas anthem that’s sung by a boyband. Why Don’t We would be the ideal quintet to cover a rousing version of ‘Drummer Boy’ or ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.’ Their pop influence could make for a dance-happy Christmas tune to blast through your speakers.


Image source: Rolling Stone

The Haim sisters are always in the holiday spirit. They just released a holiday merchandise line that even features an ode to their Jewish faith. That’s why we think they’d be the best candidates to concoct a festive album. Danielle, Este, and Alana’s love for indie-rock would launch their potential tunes into a whole other dimension of classic holiday music. All we’re saying is, it’d be the most surreal experience.

8. Bruno Mars

Image source: www.brunomars.com

Bruno Mars is probably one of the most popular male musicians of his time. With numerous Grammy wins under his belt, he’s a force to be reckoned with. There’s no better person to spark a holiday song with then this man himself. A Christmas track redone by him would only mean one thing: It’s sure to make you get on your feet and dance. That’s what we need most this Christmastime—a reason to come together and be happy.

9. Billie Eilish

Image source: Purple Sneakers

There’s no doubt Billie Eilish could put a unique twist on a Christmas song. Just imagine her meticulously switching up the beats driven in ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ or her wistfully singing ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’—it’s an alluring concept. The 16-year-old is known for stepping outside the box and keeping avid listeners on their toes so there’s no question—we need to hear what she’d conjure up in a beloved celebratory record.

10. Ed Sheeran

Image source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Last but certainly not least, the love song king himself, Ed Sheeran. It’s a crime that he hasn’t released some kind of holiday single. Just think about it—his soothing voice carolling about kissing under the mistletoe and snow dusting the ground. It could make for a quintessential Christmas gathering—his vocals quietly gliding over the room while you appreciate all you have during the holidays.

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