Horan One: Niall Horan and the game of golf

With an army of strong, talented young women rooting his every move, Niall has carefully assumed his responsibility and impact as an ambassador of the game.


Niall Horan is on a cheeky little break after finishing the UK & Ireland leg of Flicker World Tour. Surprisingly, the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, falls exactly while Niall is on break. It’s definitely just a coincidence. Not like Niall would schedule his tour around important golf tournaments… Hmph.

Regardless of coincidental scheduling, golf season is back — and golf Niall is undoubtedly everyone’s favourite Niall.

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The overarching consensus around golf isn’t particularly enthusiastic. Those who are unfamiliar with sport find it slow-paced and hard to understand. Niall’s impact on the game often goes unnoticed, mostly met with jokes and praise about his looks and outfits.

It’s important to acknowledge that Niall’s active involvement in the game has driven young crowds to golf events, made them look up golf terminology, and encouraged them to watch at least one game of golf on the television. Niall has also worked closely with Drive, Chip & Putt in America, a Masters initiative, to help support and encourage the next generation of golfers to break through. Drive, Chip & Putt is a free nationwide competition open to boys and girls aged 7-15.

In an interview with the Mirror in 2016, Niall talked about wanting to see more girls get involved in the sport. “I would really like to see a lot more girls playing it because the girls’ tour at the moment, the LPGA ( Ladies Professional Golf Association) tour, is absolutely amazing, and there should be more kids playing,” he said.

He also expressed his future plans to open up a training academy for young golfers alongside his golf management firm, Modest! Golf Management. He added, “If I could teach I would, but not at the moment.”

Niall’s ever-growing passion for golf is evident from the fact that in the last four years, he has spent as much time as possible on all the golf tours — including the Challenge, European and USPGA tour. Niall also hosts the annual Horan and Rose gala alongside pro-golfer Justin Rose, raising money for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens. This year, the gala is scheduled to take place in June.

NIall Horan with golfer Justin Rose at Horan & Rose 2016. Image Source: CelebMix

In a recent interview, American sports journalist Marty Smith was unabashedly appreciative of Niall, “He’s cool, very unassuming and kind. His passion for, and intelligence about, growing the game of golf is palpable. He doesn’t just say he cares about the game. He truly cares.”

Featured Image Source: Irish Golfer

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