11 Anti-Valentine’s Day songs that remind us to love ourselves

It's heart-wrenching and empowering all wrapped up into one playlist.


As another year goes by, another lonely Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. But not every V-Day has to feel empty. We’ve curated the ideal playlist full of tracks that instill a powerful feeling in all of us.

Whether you’re reeling from a recent break-up, longing for a potential crush, or just simply content with being on your own, we have all the songs you need to blast this Valentine’s Day.

1. Ariana Grande – ‘NASA’

Ariana Grande has done so much more than coin the phrase ‘thank u, next.’ She’s become the ultimate queen of self-love and just put out an entire album full of empowering anthems. In ‘NASA,’ the singer desperately begs for space so she can discover herself and become one with her self-worth.

2. Lucy Dacus – ‘Night Shift’

There’s nothing like the soothing, calm vocals of Lucy Dacus over the airwaves to get us in the mood for a break-up. ‘Night Shift’ slowly builds us up so we can fall hard—you can practically feel the emotion pouring through the lyrics. And there’s no denying we scream that bridge every time.

3. Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Boy Problems’

The catchy hooks of Carly Rae Jepsen are addicting. ‘Boy Problems’ delivers all the 80s dancefloor vibes we live for but also swiftly jives into the carefree attitude toward those nagging relationship mishaps. Carly asks that all-encompassing question: “Boy problems, who’s got ’em?”

4. Lizzo – ‘Good as Hell’

Tired of feeling bummed on Valentine’s Day? Listen to Lizzo‘s ‘Good as Hell’ and you’re sure to be feeling yourself. The artist offers a reassurance that we should be certain of ourselves. She isn’t shy to love herself—it motivates us to step out in our best look and turn heads.

5. Lauv & Troye Sivan – ‘i’m so tired…’

In ‘i’m so tired…’ Troye Sivan and Lauv dreamily croon about their annoyance with mushy romances. Perhaps it’s a break-up track, reminiscing on the memories love records spark. Either way, the chorus is relatable—yes, we’re so tired of love songs and love altogether.

6. Lorde – ‘Green Light’

Lorde graced us with her iconic album ‘Melodrama’ in 2017 and along with that came the high-energy dance anthem ‘Green Light.’ The singer spoke about the track, describing it as her outlet for heartbreak. It makes us want to scream the lyrics, forget about our worries, and take that chance we were second-guessing.

7. Taylor Swift – ‘All Too Well’

This wouldn’t be an anti-Valentine’s Day playlist without Taylor Swift. We could list every song from her discography but there’s one that captures every emotion we undergo when enduring that grueling break-up. ‘All Too Well’ is raw and real—everything we feel is encapsulated into this single song. Bravo, T-Swift. This will always be a classic in our books.

8. MUNA – ‘Winterbreak’

Want to continue groveling in your sorrows? ‘Winterbreak’ by MUNA is the ideal tune to help you delve deep into the deepest regrets of past relationships. We’ve all had that one person we long for because we thought it was everything when in reality it’s not realistically healthy. Face the reality and become vulnerable with this slow jam this V-Day.

9. Little Mix – ‘Shout Out to My Ex’

Let’s get back to letting all our worries go. Little Mix is the ultimate girl group preaching self-care and independence. ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ is a sassy ode to ex-boyfriends, thanking them for shaping them into who we are today. It’s full of sarcastic remarks and witty comebacks that we’re dying to say to their faces.

10. Dua Lipa – ‘IDGAF’

Put your middle fingers up and forget about the world with Dua Lipa‘s ‘IDGAF.’ The recent Grammy winner has cultivated an image based on standing up for one’s self. In this bold banger, Dua is quite literally not giving a damn about her ex-lover’s feelings—she’s caring for herself now.

11. Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’

Rounding out a unique list of heartbreaking and uplifting pop hits is Robyn‘s legendary ‘Dancing On My Own.’ As one of the most memorable heart-wrenching smashes in music, Robyn croons about broken hearts but wants us to dance it all off with her. Whether we’re in the club surrounded by friends, dancing away regrets or alone on the couch, sulkily eating a tub of ice cream, this song sparks a fire in us to keep going.

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