We can’t contain our excitement for Aly & AJ’s new EP Ten Years

What to expect from the duo's upcoming dreamy, synth-pop release.


After 10 years, Aly & AJ have returned with the perfect dream-pop EP. Titled ‘Ten Years’—perhaps a nod to the fact they took a decade-long hiatus from music—the EP features four tracks: ‘Take Me’, ‘I Know’, ‘Promises’, and ‘The Distance’.

Following their epic single ‘Take Me‘, the sisters are continuing with the synth-pop genre, especially with the release of their most recent song ‘I Know’.

They also posted a snippet of ‘Promises’ from their forthcoming EP. Sounding very similar to their last tracks but also different in its own way, Aly & AJ have successfully converted into the ideal sweet, pop daydream duo.

"Promises" (created by @aleia ) youtu.be/ULIq6nogYQA | #TenYears #1Week

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It’s hard to completely reinvent yourself, especially in the music industry—we’ve see it happen plenty of times, but it doesn’t always mean it resonates well with fans or the general public. Musicians like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have all rebranded themselves, taking on a new look and sound. It’s something that seems to excite their fanbases no matter how outrageous it is, but doesn’t always win over everybody else.

Aly & AJ, however, have captured the enthusiasm of everyone with their pure-sounding tunes.


There’s a high expectation when an artist reemerges into the music world, but it seems Aly & AJ are living up to it. From ‘Ten Years’, you can probably expect a pristine twist on pop music, making it the best to put on during the winter to chill out to. It’s nice to see their name back in the headlines with promises of amazing music ahead—something we didn’t know would happen so soon.

We’re extremely excited about the pair’s return to the scene, especially after their banger ‘Potential Breakup Song’, which pretty much shaped our childhood when Disney was our go-to binge watching channel.

‘Ten Years’ is set to be released November 17th.

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