A open letter to Dawn Richard..


First of all… thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done over the 10 years you’ve been in the industry. For women in general, for black women, for creative women, for the people who never really felt like they fitted into society’s ‘norm’. Thank you for the endless strength you’ve shown in creating and showcasing your art. From building the stage you perform on yourself, to breaking down barriers that most independent artists could not. You are strength, light and talent. You are so much more than what the industry portrays ‘you’ as.

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Dawn Richard is art. She’s living breathing art. She’s also so under appreciated in the music industry. Dawn, formerly of the girl group ‘Danity Kane’ broke out of the girl group shell with her trilogy albums ‘Goldenheart’, ‘Blackheart’ and the just released ‘Redemptionheart’. A fusion of EDM, pop, R&B, NOLA-beats and rock. Dawn’s sound cannot be completely defined and for thatIi praise her.

Now, with the release of ‘Redemption’, Dawn has created her best, most progressive piece of art yet. Now that’s a feat seeing as her previous two albums we’re incredible. ‘Redemption’ as described by Dawn is more for her people, for the outcasts. It’s less personal in the sense it’s not as self documenting, yet more personal when talking about certain attributes of herself one of them being a black woman.

Redemption’s greatest moments include the single ‘Renegades’, ‘Voices’ and my personal favourite ‘Love Under The Lights’ which she said she created for her LGBTQ fans. Dawn is the future and she knows it. She’s dipped into VR, animation and created visuals that will leave you baffled HOW she did it whilst being an independent artist.

More people need to recognise this talent and in the coming months, I hope more do. She’s incredible.

Dawn’s album ‘Redemptionheart’ can be purchased here.

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