One Republic have unveiled the music video for ‘Lets Hurt Tonight’


One Republic have unveiled the music video for their new single ‘Let’s Hurt Tonight’ that features footage from the motion picture Collateral Beauty (starring Will Smith).

Taken from their hit album ‘Oh My My’, ‘Let’s Hurt Tonight’ is a heartfelt ballad that propels the listener to a state of euphoria, with heart-aching lyrics reciting loving someone so much it hurts. Ryan Tedder is the king of ballads (Bleeding Love, Ghost, Halo.. to name a few) and he shines even more with the other boys.

The song is sent to a different level with the beautiful video that intertwines One Republic playing on top of a build in New York City and footage from Collateral Beauty, a film that’s sure to pull on a few heartstrings. Boasting cast members such as Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Kiera Knightly and Helen Mirren, the film tells the story of Smith’s character retreating from life after facing a horrific tragedy. Yet, the film shows how even the greatest tragedy can be passed and life can still be lived to the fullest.

‘Let’s Hurt Tonight’ is the perfect soundtrack to this beautiful movie.

Purchase ‘Let’s Hurt Tonight’ here and support One Republic.

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