On Our Radar: Pace, Laura Nox, Busted, and more


After a very tumultuous week in the United States after the presidential election, this new wave of music speaking of love and acceptance comes at a crucial time. From Pace singing of rash decisions, to Laura Nox questioning societal standards, to Gorgon City’s music video about never knowing the secret battles people face—there’s a lot to be learned from this batch of tunes on our radar.

Pace – ‘Foolish’

United Kingdom

Pace frontman Eden describes ‘Foolish’ as “just how we’re feeling about the world at the moment.” He adds, “Sometimes people make rash decisions. The song is all about the errors we make in life, but it also leaves a positive impression.” ‘Foolish’ follows Pace’s debut track ‘Heartbeat’.

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Laura Nox – ‘Save a Little Love’

United Kingdom

A new artist out of Sweden, 21-year-old Laura’s electro-pop debut track ‘Save a Little Love’ is already starting to make waves in the U.K. “The lyrics are based on important current events, moral aspects, and questioning society’s standards,” she explains.

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Siboney and Andy – ‘Secret’

United Kingdom

Siboney and Andy just released the music video for their latest single ‘Secret’. The duo promise an interesting, alternative mix of pop and folk.

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Busted – ‘One of a Kind’

United Kingdom

Coming off of their highly anticipated album ‘Night Driver’ (November 25), Busted’s James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson are back with ‘One of a Kind’. This is the two-time Brit winning band’s first released in 12 years, and they’ll be touring the U.K. starting in January 2017.

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Gorgon City ft. Elderbrook – ‘Smile’

United Kingdom

The most recent installment in their ‘Kingdom’ project, ‘Smile’ features vocals from Elderbrook and a brand new music video. The video tells an important story of what we sacrifice for love and that not everything is as it appears on the outside.

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King No-One – ‘Alcatraz’

United Kingdom

If you need a touch of indie with your pop, this foursome from Yorkshire will do it. A vibe similar to the 1975, ‘Alcatraz’ follows their previous single ‘Halo’. They head out on a U.K. headlining tour at the end of the month.

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Basheba – ‘Platinum & Gold’

United Kingdom

Produced by XVR BLK, ‘Platinum & Gold’ is the lead track off of Basheba’s current EP ‘Axiom Pt. 2’. It follows her track ‘Shame’ and continues to keep her rising as a U.K. artist to watch this year.

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Avante Black – ‘Drug Money’

United Kingdom

Led by 22-year-old Swedish singer Ottilia Zimmerman Kjulsten and produced by Luke Smith, Avante Black’s ‘Drug Money’ follows their self-released demo ‘Imaginary Love’. You can see them live at London’s Sebright Arms on November 16.

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Taylor Jahn – ‘Hide Away’

United States

Influenced by artists like Sam Smith and Sara Bareilles, Oregon native Taylor Jahn’s piano ballad ‘Hide Away’ tells a story of a promise of unconditional love and protection. This is his debut single.

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