On Our Radar: Samuel Jack, Lauren Carnahan, Eve Minor, and more


As Christmas edges ever closer, your music doesn’t have to be soaked in festive ditties and all things jingling bells. We’ve combined the best music to burst out of the United Kingdom, and the United States to satisfy your ears. This week you’re treated to Eve Minor, Emily Burns, Lauren Carnahan and more.

Samuel Jack – ‘Let It All Out’

United Kingdom

Samuel isn’t a conventional singer-songwriter, in fact, he lives in a caravan on a farmer’s field. Singing about everything from girlfriends, family relationships, sadness and everything in-between, Samuel is one to watch in 2017.

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Mok – ‘The House VP’

United Kingdom

Authenticity oozes from Mok’s instruments as they tell a story of a brooding situation with a character that encounters different lives and stories throughout suburban Brighton.

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Eve Minor – ‘Piggy Bank’

United States

Based in New York, Eve Minor is the latest in a pop/hip-hop crossover coming from the States. ‘Piggy Bank’ is playful and fun, yet if you delve deeper into Minor’s journey to present day you’ll realise the harsh reality of life.

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Emily Burns – ‘Take It Or Leave It’

United Kingdom

Emily Burns started by making contacts in the industry at the infamous Abbey Road studios. ‘Take It Or Leave It’ is the second release from Emily channelling pop vibes and honest lyrics.

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Lauren Carnahan – ‘Catch 22’

United States

Lauren had anything but an ordinary start to life, after being adopted at birth and surviving heart surgery aged 4, she then went on to receive a standing ovation at her hometown church for her performance of  ‘Tomorrow’. ‘Catch 22’ is mature pop with a difference, there are impressive harmonies and a beat that carries the song until the very end.

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Norma Jean Martine – ‘Still In Love With You’

United States

Norma Jean Martine can only be described as enchanting. ‘Still In Love With You’ is about her first love. Speaking about the new track Norma said, “Still In Love With You is about my first love. I think when you share a lot of your first experiences with someone, and really love someone for the first time, you love them forever… even if you’re just in love with the memory of what was.”

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THØSS – ‘Submarine’

United Kingdom

After having previous success with his debut EP ‘Benchwarmer’, 26-year-old THØSS is back with ‘Submarine’ a story of manipulation. Written behind the wheel of a car, the song explores imbalances sometimes seen in relationships.

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