On Our Radar: CRX, KYKO, Justine Skye, and more


If you’re always on the hunt for the next big single or artist, you’re in luck. Here’s a roundup of the best of what’s new, coming out of both the United Kingdom and the United States.

CRX – ‘Ways to Fake It’

United States

‘Ways to Fake It’ is the first single off CRX’s debut album ‘New Skin’, due out on 28 October. The band was founded by The Strokes’ Nick Valensi, who was looking for a way to channel his urge to play live. “I wanted to perform in front of audiences and get back to doing things a little more simply,” he explains, prompting him to put together CRX. Valensi does lead vocals and guitar alongside Richie James Follin on keyboard, Ralph Alexander on drums, Jon Safley on bass, and Darian Zahedi on guitar.

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Ady Suleiman – ‘Wait for You’

United Kingdom

Ady has had a busy summer playing Glastonbury and V Festival, and how his second single ‘Wait For You’ is officially due out on 28 October. Ady says ‘Wait For You’ is about “waiting for that person to let you in and saying, ‘No sweat, it’s cool, take your time, I get you had a tough time and this isn’t easy, but I lurrrrve you, so I’ll wait as long as it takes and will love again.'” You can catch Ady in the UK on his own headline tour in October.

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Matt Moseley – “Dazed & Confused (Jake Miller cover)”

United States

Matt is only 16 years old, but his cover videos are blowing up on YouTube and catapulting him to Internet fame. Besides singing, Matt is also a dancer and actor out of Los Angeles and has been featured on huge TV shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘Dance Moms’, ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘Americas Got Talent’, and ‘X Factor’. You might even recognize him from Sia’s new music video for ‘The Greatest’. His cover of Jake Miller’s song ‘Dazed & Confused’ is his most popular cover on YouTube to date.

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New Arcades – ‘Where We Were Before (Feat. Sarah Bird)’

United Kingdom

The New Arcades is made up of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan, who use their 80’s cinema nostalgia and vintage synth sounds to create “the perfect soundtrack to living in the moment or reminiscing of good times gone by.” ‘Where We Were Before’ features guest vocals from Sarah Bird. “Both lyrically and sonically, we wanted it to have a filmic feel with an  80’s touch,” they explain.

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K.Flay – ‘Blood In The Cut’

United States

K.Flay’s fuses hip-hop and rock in her new single ‘Blood In The Cut’. She’s spent time recently touring alongside huge names from varying music genres like Snoop Dogg, Passion Pit, and Dashboard Confessional. Originally based in Los Angeles, K.Flay is currently playing shows in the UK, having just performed to crowds at Readings and Leeds.

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Holy Matrimony – ‘If You Cannot Love Yourself’

United Kingdom

Holy Matrimony is a new electro pop band based in Manchester. Their new single ‘If You Cannot Love Yourself’ is full of mindful lyrics like, “Costs a lot of pride to live without you anymore,” set to a pumped-up electronic beat.

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KYKO – ‘Horizon’

United Kingdom

KYKO’s new single ‘Horizon’ was included on the beloved Spotify New Music Friday playlist in the UK, Sweden, and Denmark. The track earned over 75,000 streams in the first 2 days alone and is now well over 100,000 mark. You can catch KYKO live at the 100 Club London on 12 October.

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Marga Lane – ‘Thinking About You’

United States

Lance Bass recently featured Marga’s ‘Thinking About You’ on his Dirty Pop show on SiriusXM, and for good reason. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Marga says, “I write a lot of love songs and love is synonymous with belief. I would hope my music inspires people to have a belief in the power of love. Whether it’s love for yourself or love for another.” Her EP ‘Undressed’ is due out 2 December, which will include ‘Thinking About You’.

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Justine Skye – ‘U Don’t Know (Feat. Wizkid)’

United States

Justine, known for her signature purple hair, is a Brooklyn native with over 2 million views on her YouTube channel. Speaking on her new single ‘U Don’t Know’, she says, “When it comes to love, I go through a lot emotionally. The song speaks to that vibe. That’s a space I’m in right now emotionally and physically.” This is Justine’s debut single for Roc Nation Records.

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