Years & Years’ Olly Alexander: “Shove a rainbow in fear’s face”


Years & Years played Glastonbury Festival‘s Other Stage today (June 26) and also helped to celebrate London Gay Pride weekend.


Pride weekend, which has run parallel to Glastonbury Festival, was celebrated yesterday (June 25) by a parade that marched through central London, and has been mentioned many times throughout Glasto this year.


Being gay himself, Olly felt the need to celebrate with the thousands of people watching his performance, and also gave an indirect tribute to the recent Orlando shootings.


“A year ago we played the John Peel Tent and it was an amazing show and I can’t believe that we’re here today but what I keep thinking about is, how in the last year a lot of pretty scary and messed up stuffed has happened,” Olly began.


“Now, as a queer person, as queer people, we know what it’s like to be scared and we know what it’s like to live with fear as part of our every day. But tonight, at Glastonbury, I would like to ask you to join me on Pride weekend, and say ‘No thank you fear’, to say ‘Bye, fear, bye’, to literally shove a rainbow in fear’s face.”


He finished: “All I have to say to finish is I’m here, I’m queer and yes, sometimes I am afraid but I am never ashamed because I am proud of who I am.”


Watch the full clip below:


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