Fans react to Niall Horan’s new single Nice To Meet Ya

They had quite a lot to say about the singer's latest release.


NH2 is coming, guys, and we’re ready. Niall Horan newest single “Nice To Meet Ya” is edgy, showcasing his best bad boy persona in the most innocent way possible. The accompanying music video has everything—slow-motion walking sequences through a bustling city, Niall putting on the charm for the local elderly women, and a boys’ night out at a fancy pub.

Fans are going crazy for the 26-year-old’s latest track, commenting on the video through an abundance of hilarious tweets.

Niall also dropped hints about his forthcoming album. Some fans believe possible track titles are scattered throughout the video. Very T-Swift of you, Niall.

And if you’re wondering whose phone number is featured at the end of the vid, go ahead and give it a call. It connects you to a personal message from Niall and gives a sneak peek of his upcoming song “Small Talk.”

“Nice To Meet Ya” is a reintroduction to Niall and the proper title for his brand new era. He’s pulling all the stops for an exciting sophomore release and has no need to worry about making his fans happy. He seems to be ticking all of their boxes.

Featured image source: YouTube

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