Niall’s ‘This Town’ lyric video has over 1,800 drawings


Since we were all shocked by the fact that Niall was the first 1D member to go solo (Zayn aside obvs), we have been blessed with everything he’s been giving us. First Niall surprises us with his first video for ‘This Town’ and then he released a behind the scenes version. Back in October, I had a feeling that this wouldn’t be the last video we’d see of the track. Low and behold, Niall’s only gone and released another video. This time he’s treated us to a ‘This Town’ lyric video.

The video was created by animator Marcus Frank and took two weeks to put together to tell a story. Despite being called a ‘lyric video’ you’ll notice that there aren’t actually that many lyrics in it. I think the videos 1,800+ drawings speak for themselves. Let’s face it, we all know the lyrics by now anyway! The lyric video has now taken over the behind the scenes video in terms of views on YouTube. However, it’s got quite a lot of catching up to do with the one mic one take video. Over 19 million views to be exact.

As beautiful as this video is, it’s not as beautiful as staring at his face – so when I saw him tweet about the surprise he had for us all, I had hoped it was going to be another single, despite the brief clip playing ‘This Town’. Although ‘This Town’ is an epic track, I’m not complaining! I’d just like to hear a new song that’s all. For us Niall fans, the last few months have been a treat. After his recent flawless performance at the AMAs and THAT duet video with Shawn Mendes, it’s all happening!

How awesome would it be to have a Niall and Shawn duet? Perhaps that’s what we may have to look forward to once Niall announces the release of his debut album. Like I said before, album = tour. With so many artists touring in 2017, I can hardly contain my excitement. However, my bank balance is not looking forward to what’s ahead.

I’m sure you already have but you can download Niall’s ‘This Town’ on iTunes here.

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