Niall Horan calls Slow Hands filthy and we are all in need of a cold shower


After releasing his incredible second single, ‘Slow Hands’, Niall is currently doing a spot of promo and recently swung by the city of Chicago, where he visited B96 Chicago for a performance and chat. When talking about making the song, Niall admitted that this is actually the sexiest song on the album.

After creating the music for the song, Niall said: “It felt sexy, so we decided to write the filthiest song we could possibly write.” Anyone else getting a tad flustered?

We knew it was pretty steamy, but never really called slow hands ‘Slow Hands’ filthy before. Then again, reading the lyrics, it is pretty full on. But we all like a song that gets down and dirty sometimes, right?

Speaking about the process behind the song, Niall said: “The song kinda came out of nowhere. I had written a lot of stuff – I’d written like 50 songs – and I felt like this was probably the only thing that it was missing of the stuff that I would listen to and what I grew up on, this kind of 80s funk with the heavy bass and the quirky wah wah guitars, I felt like I was missing a bit of that.”

Also, side note, did you know Niall can’t play the piano? He still managed to bang a tune out of one to create the basics of the song, though. That’s a musical genius, that.

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So, what do you reckon – would you call ‘Slow Hands’ filthy? If you don’t mind me, I’m going to go take a cold shower and have a bit of a lie down. The struggles of being a Niall girl.

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