U-KNOW releases his Reality Show

TVXQ singer U-KNOW’s latest EP experiments with genres and visuals


U-KNOW is back with his third EP, Reality Show; this is U-KNOW‘s first solo release two years after his second EP Noir, released in January 2021. The six-track EP includes the lead single ‘Vuja De’, ‘Wannabe’, ‘Tarantino’, ‘Relax’, ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Curtain’ in a mix of jazz, R&B, hip-hop and pop, showcasing U-KNOW’s journey through experimenting with styles and sounds.

For the title track ‘Vuja De’, U-KNOW uses jazz band sounds and a fun tempo to create an exciting music storyline.

Alongside the music video for the lead single, U-KNOW has produced a 13-minute short film titled Nexus featuring all six tracks from the EP. The AI-inspired short film features aespa’s KARINA. The film follows U-KNOW in an AI universe questioning what it means to be human.

U-KNOW’s third EP Reality Show is available to stream across all platforms.

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