TOMORROW X TOGETHER are back with mini-album and video

TXT are definitely on a sugar rush!


Hit sensation TOMORROW X TOGETHER have finally made a comeback with a new mini album The Name Chapter: Temptation which includes their single ‘Sugar Rush Ride’. In a new mythical concept, can we see the boys shine in the brand new music video of ‘Sugar Rush Ride’ and honestly, this is just exactly what we needed!

With over 2 million album pre-orders, it is obvious how powerful Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai are. The album includes five brand new songs including ‘Devil by the Window’ and ‘Happy Fools’, featuring Coi Leray. In the new music video for ‘Sugar Rush Ride’, we are following the boys in different settings. From the beach to the forest and from the forest to a lake, where the setting gets a bit darker every time. And if we have to believe the fandom on Twitter, everyone absolutely loves it! In an interview with The Korea Times, Hueningkai said they made a lot of new attempts this time, ‘fusing different elements in an unfamiliar way.’ Taehyun added on that: “We believe our Korean fans will find this combination fresh and our international followers will get the chance to explore Korea’s traditional culture and story.”

Stream TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s mini-album The Name Chapter: Temptation right here.

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