The Vamps release their first ever fanzine

To commemorate their ten-year anniversary, The Vamps have released a special fanzine for their fans to enjoy.


The Vamps recently celebrated their tenth anniversary as a band this summer and to mark the occasion, they released their first ever fanzine just before embarking on a UK tour next month. A fanzine is a special magazine created for the fans to keep.

The Vamps included so much in their fanzine and it was all memories of the last ten years. It came in a plastic wallet commemorating ‘Ten Years of The Vamps’ and inside of it there is the fanzine, a special ten years CD, a B&W photo of the band and individual pictures of Connor, James, Brad and Tristan. The CD contains the band’s favourite songs that they’ve released over the last ten years, as well as unheard demos and live versions.

The fanzine is definitely the main attraction of the bundle and is certainly one to keep if you’re a fan of The Vamps. It starts with a thank you message from the band to their fans then delves into interviews with the band members, all alongside pictures from the last ten years. It also lists single concert The Vamps have ever performed as well as what each year had in store for them, and their own personal takes on each year in the band.

My favourite part of the fanzine has definitely got to be the map of the world where fans can scan a QR code and see other fans’ photos from across the world. It is such a brilliant idea as it enables fans to come together and share their love for the band.

I’m sure The Vamps have worked tirelessly to make sure their fans love this album and fanzine, it is absolutely incredible. Happy ten years to The Vamps and all their fans!

The ten-year fanzine is available to purchase now and you can see the list of The Vamps’ UK tour dates for next month here.

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