The Driver Era release their first ever live album

Last week The Driver Era dropped their first ever live album, it was recorded at the Greek Theatre in LA over the summer.


Last week, the Driver Era released their first-ever live album, enabling fans to immerse themselves in one of their concerts. Brothers and alt-pop duo, Ross and Rocky Lynch, recorded the live album during a show in the summer at The Greek Theatre in LA.

The Driver Era: Live at The Greek was recorded on 11th June of this year at an incredible sold-out show. It was one of the largest headline shows the duo have put on so far. Watch their performance of ‘A Kiss’ at The Greek Theatre down below.

Ross says of the album:

All the years it has taken us to get here, from being signed to parting ways with our label to rebranding and creating The Driver Era has been a journey. We went all the way back down to playing little clubs, and then we just worked our way back up to The Greek and it feels…crazy.

Rocky adds:

I love playing live shows and I love playing at the Greek Theatre. Listen to this live album with some headphones or in your car and you’ll feel like you’re there.

The album is a masterpiece; it is truly immersive and does indeed make you feel like you are there enjoying the concert with the rest of the crowd. The Driver Era’s energy is electric and that radiates perfectly in this album.

Personally, I have seen The Driver Era a handful of times and they’ve always been unbelievable concerts, full of liveliness and excitement – listening to this album took me straight back to being at one of their shows.

The album is available to stream now. It is also available as a physical CD or vinyl, check out their website here.

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