SUPER JUNIOR are back on The Road and Keep On Going with their new album

The album is led by the groovy single ‘Mango’


18 years after SUPER JUNIOR’s debut, the veteran K-Pop icons released Volume 1 of their 11th album The Road : Keep On Going. The album comes alongside the music video for the title track, ‘Mango’, a groovy, disco-funk track.

With 18 years of experience, SUPER JUNIOR always finds ways to stun fans with their music, contents and visuals; this album musically connects the past with the future through retro funk and disco, pop ballads and alternative rock influences.

In a global press conference to celebrate the release, Group leader LEETEUK said: “There are many artists under SM, but SUPER JUNIOR has become the first group to release 11 full-length albums. As a result, this new release means more to us. It is an opportunity for SUPER JUNIOR to decorate another page in the history of K-pop.”

DONGHAE said the title of the album – The Road : Keep On Going – serves as a mission statement: “The album’s title means SUPER JUNIOR’s path will continue. It is about our past, present and future journey.”

The Road : Keep On Going opens with the lead single ‘Mango’ – written by Kang Eun-jung; ‘Mango’ is a euphoric summer bop that pulls in disco-pop with a pulsating bass line and powerful vocals. The song has a groovy-funky vibe with harmonies that add layers of style to the song. ‘Mango’ is accompanied by a colorful, playful music video with captivating cinematography. In the video, SUPER JUNIOR don’t fail to showcase their incredible dancing skills with choreographed routines while donning summer outfits and singing “Sweet just like a Mango, It feels so nice”.

The album contains four other addictive tracks, the upbeat pre-release ‘Don’t Wait’, the sweet pop ballad ‘My Wish’, the rock-pop ‘Everyday” and the dreamy mid-tempo ‘Always’.

Following the release of The Road : Keep On Going, the album topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in over 23 countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand, and reached the top 10 in over 33 countries, including the United States and Canada, demonstrating that SUPER JUNIOR are still holding a solid position in the K-Pop scenario. During the global press conference, LEETEUK said: “We hope to show that SUPER JUNIOR is still going strong. As time goes by, entertainers can be forgotten but we want to prove that time only draws us closer to our fans, and we’re a group that takes on challenges and continues moving forward.”.

SUPER JUNIOR’s 11th album, The Road : Keep on Going, is split into two volumes; explaining the reason behind this decision, LEETEUK said: “The reason why we are releasing the albums in two volumes is because it isn’t easy releasing studio albums. There’s a chance that good songs may get buried so by releasing the album in volumes, it gives fans time to take in the songs properly.” SIWON added: “With this album our goal is to meet more fans. Vol.1 will be performed at the SUPER SHOW 9 concert and Vol.2 will be released in the second half of the year”.

SUPER JUNIOR have successfully completed their three-night concerts in Seoul with their “SUPER SHOW 9 : ROAD”. The group will then prepare to perform in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and plan to hold in-person concerts in Latin America and Europe.

SUPER JUNIOR’s 11th album The Road : Keep On Going is available on all streaming platforms.

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