Steve Aoki confirms that Louis Tomlinson’s album is “mind-blowing”

If a globally successful DJ approves, then it's good enough for us


We’re waiting oh so patiently for 3/5 of One Direction to drop their albums. As much as we love Harry’s debut, we’re craving more. Well, it looks like Louis has a good portion of his finished, as his previous collaborator and good pal Steve Aoki has been spilling the beans to The Sun.

Steve Aoki Talks Louis Tomlinson Album
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“I think he’s going to blow people away with his new album. His album’s incredible. I’ve heard some songs and every one is just mind-blowing to me,” he said.

Well that’s bloody exciting, isn’t it? But can we expect a future collab with them, a ‘Just Hold On 2.0’, perhaps?

“We’ve been talking about doing future music as well and we always try and figure out time between schedules,” Steve explained. “Plus he’s crushing it with ‘Back to You’. I love that track.”

It seems that the duo are pretty successful together, as they recently won the Choice Music Collaboration category at the Teen Choice Awards for their hit single ‘Just Hold On’.

Louis paid tribute to Steve in an Instagram Stories video, saying, “Me and Steve won the best collaboration award and that’s unbelievable. I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. And obviously a massive thanks to Steve, what a legend you are. Thank you very much.”

We’re so hyped right now. LT1 is “mind blowing,” and there’s a good chance that we’ll have another LouisXSteve collab in the future.

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