Sky Ferreira releases new song Don’t Forget

"Don't Forget" is a new-wave-inspired song that is hitting every spot that has been missing in our lives.


After a three-year hiatus, Sky Ferreira is back with new music! Her latest single, “Don’t Forget,” is finally out, and we are buzzing. Her electric pop-grunge vocals and aesthetic are just as wonderful as ever–oh, how we missed our favorite emo-pop-rock queen.

The “Everything Is Embarrassing” singer teased fans with the prospects of new music late in March with a cryptic Instagram post. Before this, she had not released any music since her last single, “Downhill Lullaby.” In 2019, she featured on Charli XCX‘s album Charli on the song “Cross You Out,” indeed a peak pop culture moment… two pop icons in one power ballad break up song.

This pop, the new-wave-inspired song is hitting every spot that has been missing in our lives. It’s fun, mysterious, bright, and has us wanting more. Ferreira’s voice is so different from other vocalists out there right now. Her breathy seductive voice isn’t gimmicky or played up for effect. She is effortlessly cool and memorable. It makes listening to her work easy and enjoyable.

“Don’t Forget” is a tale about a girl who doesn’t conform and is unlike anyone else, “Terrorized the whole community/ Little troubled girl, you see/ Burning down your house of certainty.”

The chorus is a triumphant, exclamatory, “Oh no, I won’t forget/”Oh no, I won’t forget/ I don’t forgive,” a reminder for every doubter and hater out there that their words are not forgotten. In a way, it’s a thrilling threat; Ferreira is reminding us that she is not to be doubted or messed with… she will always end up on top.

Unfortunately, Ferreira hasn’t announced any other upcoming projects or albums. We hope we don’t have to wait another three years to hear new music. We are crossing our fingers for new material soon!

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