Simon Cowell Reveals A List Musicians Who Will Release A Charity Single For The Grenfell Fire Victims


Following the incidents of the Grenfell Tower fire, hundreds of people lost their homes, and it’s reported that around 150 people have lost their lives.

Music mogul Simon Cowell announced he’s built a super-group of A-list music stars to release a charity single to help the victims of the fire. So far, the acts confirmed include Liam Payne, The Who, Lily Allen, Emile Sande, Stormzy, Skepta, Craig David, Louisa Johnson and James Arthur.

It’s also been reported that the song to be recorded is the Simon & Garfunkel hit ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.

Speaking to The Sun, Cowell said, “Until that last note has been finished, we will not be off the phone. We started 24 hours ago and already we’re getting calls coming in, mainly from Brits. A lot of London artists, people like Skepta, Stormzy, Emile Sande, The London Community Gospel Choir, all wanted to be involved.”

Simon also talked about what he witnessed from the tragedy.

“Every hour it got worse and worse. You think of yourself in that situation. The loss of life is terrible. Many of the families have got nothing, no insurance.I went around to have a look but couldn’t get close. It’s one of the most shocking things I have ever seen. I feel sadness, anger… so many emotions.

“The lack of safety is so bad. There will be huge repercussions. It hit me very hard, especially when I heard about the baby being thrown out of the window.I was going to send a cheque but I thought we could do more. That’s why we are making a record. It sends a message of support. We got this up and running in 48 hours. I spoke to all the major labels and they got back to me in an hour offering their support.”

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, The ‘X Factor’ boss said that any singer who wanted to be involved with the project could add their vocals to the song from “anywhere in the world.”

He also revealed that he hoped to have the single all wrapped up by the latest on Monday, before adding that he hoped stars from across the globe would get involved.

“We can record it and have it finished Sunday, at the latest Monday,” he said. “We already started to get a lot of people calling in saying, ‘of course we would love to do it’.

“It has to have the right message, and most importantly, for me, it has to mean something to the people affected by what happened. I do genuinely believe this will make a difference.”

The single’s video will be shown on ITV hopefully next week once it is finished.

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