Paramore enter the 80s with new album After Laughter


PARAMORE. An essential part of most of our youths and responsible for (what is hopefully) a soundtrack to our summer with their latest pop record, ‘After Laughter’.

They dropped the first single ‘Hard Times’ last month, and there were mixed reviews. Most, like myself, were dubious at the first listen, then after a few listens could not get enough. I’ve had it on repeat ever since, and it is quite honestly a banger. With clear influences from 80s bands such as Talking Heads and also being likened to Alphabeat, this is a huge shift away from their well known ‘pop punk’ sound.

In celebration of their latest contribution to the music world, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the joy that Paramore have brought to our lives over the last 13 years. Yes, we are all extremely old by the way.


The second track on their debut album ‘All We Know Is Falling’. Think MySpace, think the iconic bright red hair and the beginning of everybody’s obsession with Hayley Williams. “I’VE SEEN LOVE DIE WAY TOO MANY TIMES WHEN IT DESERVED TO BE ALIVE,” she sings, as all of us sang along while sobbing over our schoolgirl crushes.

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The most classic and timeless of Paramore tracks. So much energy and one of the catchiest chorus hooks to ever exist. Delivered within the form of their second studio album ‘RIOT!’, it became an iconic record of the pop punk era. To be played in alt club nights for many years to come, I imagine.

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A progression into the fairy tale world of a more mature sound from Paramore.  Fantastic song, flawless production on the video and amongst another heap of absolute hits on their third album ‘Brand New Eyes’. BA DA BA BA DA BA BA DA…

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The last track on ‘Brand New Eyes’ but also the soundtrack to the first Twilight film. Edging on a darker territory for Paramore, it was a pretty perfect fit for a film about vampires.

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Four years later and two band members short, Paramore returned with their ‘Self Titled’ record. Bursting with pop rock bangers, we were graced with ‘Ain’t it Fun’ which was clearly a standout hit, involving a catchy xylophone section and a full on choir in the bridge.  Delightful.

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Let us know what you think of ‘After Laughter’ in the comments section below.You can catch Paramore on tour in the U.S. and the U.K. on the following dates:

May 12 – Nashville, TN

May 17 – Los Angeles, CA

May 20 – Los Angeles County, CA

June 15 -‪ Olympia, Dublin

June 16 – Waterfront, Belfast

June 18 – O2 Apollo , Manchester

June 19 – Royal Albert Hall, London

June 21 – Colston Hall, Bristol

June 22 – Usher Hall, Edinburgh

July 21 – Centre Hall, PA

July 28 – Hinckley, MN

July 29 – Minot, ND

August 12 – Billings, MT

August 14 – Polk County, IA

August 25 – New York, NY

September 15 – Chicago, IL

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