Oritsé Williams is now making a name for himself as a poet

JLS hitmaker, Oritsé Williams, has turned to writing poems and is posting them to his Instagram and Twitter.


Oritsé Williams, who found fame with British boyband JLS, is no stranger to writing No.1 songs and albums, so it wasn’t a surprise when he shared his first poem.

Oritsé posted his first poem (above) to Instagram over a year ago, during the very first lockdown, and the response he got from fans was overwhelming. The post received over 4,000 likes and 200 comments, which seemed to encourage the boyband star into posting more. He has amassed over 200,000 impressions across all of his poems. You can read any of them by tapping on his highlight on Instagram called ‘Poetry’.

Since posting his first poem, he has posted seven more and even turned one into a song. The one he turned into a song, ‘Am I Next?’, is in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which took place globally last summer.


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♬ original sound – Oritsé

He has even taken part in Instagram lives with Poetic Unity, a charity that provides support through the use of poetry. You can check out their Instagram here.

The majority of the poems Oritsé’s released have been centered around mental health. But his most recent poem is arguably one of the most emotional yet, it’s about war and was released when the conflict in Palestine and Israel was at a high in the global news. You can read it below.

Oritsé has also revealed this week that he is starting his own docuseries named Vibes 101. You can check out the first episode here.

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