Everything you NEED to know about One Direction’s new EPs

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Which is your favorite?


Happy anniversary everyone! Our favorite boyband’s 10th anniversary is finally upon us! To celebrate the milestone, WE HAVE RECEIVED NEW EP’s.

Four brand new EP’s have shown up on One Direction‘s Spotify & Apple Music pages. They are titled as follows: Remixes – EP, Acoustic – EP, Live – EP, and Rarities – EP.


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These four One Direction EP’s have been added to spotify, 22/07/20💚❤️💙🧡

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The tracklist is as follows for each respective album:


Remixes – EP

1. Gotta Be You – Steve Smart & Westfunk Remix
2. Gotta Be You – Mojam Remix
3. Live While We’re Young – Dave Aude Remix
4. Live While We’re Young – The Jump Smokers Remix
5. Kiss You – Sharoque Remix
6. Best Song Ever – Westfunk & Steve Smart Remix
7. Best Song Ever – Jump Smokers Remix
8. Best Song Ever – Kat Krazy Remix
9. You & I – Big Payno Remix
10. Steal My Girl – 88 Ninety’s ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ Remix
11. Steal My Girl – Big Payno & Afterhrs Pool Party Remix
12. Night Changes – Afterhrs Remix
13. Drag Me Down (feat. Lunch Money Lewis)- Big Payno x AFTERHRS Remix
14. Perfect (feat. Matoma) – Matoma Remix


Acoustic – EP

1. One Thing (Acoustic)

2. Steal My Girl (Acoustic)

3. Steal My Girl (Live Acoustic Session)

4. Night Changes (Live Acoustic Session)

5. Perfect – Stripped


Live – EP

1. What Makes You Beautiful (Live)

2. Gotta Be You (Live)

3. More Than This (Live)

4. Up All Night (Live)

5. I Want (Live)


Rarities – EP

1. You & I (Radio Edit)

2. You & I (Duet Version)

3. You & I (Piano Version)

4. Home

As well as these EP’s, there is ANOTHER surprise. 1D’s sophomore album, Take Me Home, has been updated on the Apple Music and Spotify platforms to include THREE extra bonus tracks: Truly Madly Deeply, Magic, and Irresistible. These tracks were originally included in the exclusive edition of Take Me Home, made only for Target in 2012. Understandably, Target sold out extremely quickly. Due to not being on a streaming platform, (until today) these tracks are unknown to many.


In addition, these Midnight Memories and One Way Or Another EP’s have also just been added to the streaming platforms.

Midnight Memories- EP contains 3 (generally) rare live recordings of 1D songs from either One Direction: This Is Us or the X Factor.  One Way Or Another- EP contains a previously unreleased remix of the track along with an instrumental version.


Lastly, this live version of Kiss You (taken from One Direction: This Is Us) has also surfaced! We just love how 1D’s team is silently adding exclusive EP’s and bonus tracks to the band’s music catalog. Having many of these tracks, finally available for streaming, has been a dream of the fandom for years!


While many of the tracks included here are not exactly brand new, they are rare. The EP’s make it easier to find various (unheard or already released) bonus tracks, all in one place.

Let us know in the comments which track is your absolute favorite!

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