Niall Horan is the newest The Voice 2023 coach

The singer is joining Kelly Clarkson, Chance The Rapper and Blake Shelton in the team of coaches for the show's next season


On October 11, Niall Horan posted a very cryptic picture on Instagram tagging Kelly Clarkson, who then posted the same picture tagging Chace The Rapper, who did the same tagging Blake Shelton who ended the whole circle tagging Niall on his picture. Turns out the whole thing was their way to announce that all of them are becoming judges on The Voice next year.


The show’s official accounts confirmed what we all suspected Niall is joining the team of coaches for The Voice the next season. In an interview for NBC the singer commented how excited he is to be joining the show and needless to say that we are even more excited to watch Niall coaching many new talents.


The singer joked around on Twitter with fans saying that he would turn around as soon as he heard someone singing one of his songs, so to celebrate the news we decided to look back to older editions of the show where people chose Niall’s songs to perform at the show.


We have this amazing country-pop version of ‘This Town’ by Brayden Lape on this season’s blind auditions:

In 2021, Parker Mckay performed ‘Slow Hands’ and impressed the coaches:

Austin Percario’s performance of ‘This Town’ for the blind auditions last year:

Last but not least, we have Jorden singing ‘This Town’ on The Voice Kids Germany:

Their musical choices were without a doubt great ones. Hopefully we’ll get to see more Niall songs on the show with him as a coach.

Now we are counting the days to the next season. Can it be 2023 already so we can witness Niall Horan as coach?

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