Niall Horan makes a fan’s dream come true at Madison Square Garden

Niall Horan recently surprised a fan with front row seats at one of his sold-out MSG shows.


We all know Niall Horan is the most genuine popstar out there and yet again he has proved this true. Back in 2022, a fan called Megan tweeted Niall saying if he ever sold out Madison Square Garden she would be in the front row. Niall’s response was ‘If I could I would’.

Niall recently sold out two nights at the ‘world’s most famous arena’ in New York which is incredible! For the first of the two nights, Niall rightly wanted his number one fan Megan in the front row.

Sticking to his word, Niall sent his team in search of Megan before the show started. He typed out a letter that read ‘You promised me you’d be front row if I sold out MSG and here we are… You’re here but not in the front row. We can’t have that, can we?’ Niall’s team then proceeded to tell Megan the fantastic news that she’d be sitting in the front row for the first of Niall’s two shows. Every fan’s dream! You can see Megan’s (understandable) reaction below.

Niall is currently on the American leg of ‘The Show Live on Tour’, after having an extremely successful string of shows in Europe, Asia, Australia, the UK and Ireland. The tour continues around America until the beginning of August, before returning to the UK and Ireland and closing in South America in October.

Have you seen Niall on tour yet? If so, how was it? If not, how excited are you on a scale of 1-10?

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