Is a collaboration with One Direction on the cards for Niall Horan?


One Direction are currently in their solo era and it’s absolutely incredible seeing our boys go off and do their own thing. What would be nice is to see at least 2/4 of the boys work together on something… I mean, that’d be great, right? Well, apparently not…

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Niall Horan was recently speaking to ET Canada about the possibility of different collaborations for his upcoming debut record.

“I have a couple of songs that could potentially be something like that. Fingers crossed – I can get to play some stuff to people and see what happens, but the whole idea of a collaboration, you know, it’s great – because like, I don’t think there’s a lot of it going on in our world anyway. Not as much as there should be.”

So, with a lot of potentials on the list of who to collab with, apparently there are three people who may not be on the top of the list – his bandmates.

“Can’t rule anything out really, can you? I suppose right now, it would be a bit weird.”

Weird?! No, not weird. Not weird at all, Horan. We are all waiting for this to happen, so why can’t you just give us that?

Okay, so we get like it’d be ‘weird’ that not all of the band are on the track, but how cool would it be for them to team up on a song each? Like Narry vs Lilo? Then on the reunion tour they could battle it out with a duet.

Either way, at least it’s nothing personal and nobody has turned down the possibility of a reunion… because Louis promised us, okay?!

4/4 are all currently working on their solo material and we’re super duper excited to see what happens next – Liam’s next song is due out next month, Louis has been working on a music video, Harry’s touring and Niall is promoting his latest single and has just finished his album.

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