Niall Horan announces second The Show single Meltdown

As we get ready for the release of Niall’s new album in June the singer announces another single


After ‘Heaven’, Niall is ready to give us another masterpiece from The Show and ‘Meltdown’ is on its way to make us feel seen and understood. According to Niall, who sees you even if you’re not aware he does, this song is made from those moments when we panic and feel like everything is crumbling down. It’s his way of telling “you’re alright, you’re going to be ok” but in an upbeat track so we can let go of the anxiety and stop freaking out dancing to it.

In an interview for Dork, a magazine he’s the cover of, he said about creating the song: “The fact that I can watch them (his fans) dance and jump around the place at 170BMP to a song that’s about anxiety… It’s a really cool thing in my head. I don’t know whether that’s messed up or not. You know what I mean?”

Well, we’ll for sure enjoy every single second of Meltdown. And to prove we’re serious about it United By Pop will host a streaming party for Meltdown on the Renaissance App from April 28, when the song drops, to April 30. Save the date!

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