NewJeans make a comeback with two new songs

NewJeans show once again why they're so fresh and original


Rising rookie group NewJeans have made a comeback with two new singles. ‘Super Shy’ and their self-titled track ‘New Jeans’ are the group’s newest addition to their refreshing discography. After the girls made their debut in July last year, the group already have big hits and records to their name with their songs ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’.

The 5 member group that consists of HYEIN, DANIELLE, HAERIN, MINJI and HANNI are continuing their adventure with ‘Super Shy’ as a follow-up from their debut single ‘Attention’ — which you can hear playing in the background at the beginning of the music video. The song is a funny up-beat catchy song that perfectly fits in NewJeans their concept.

In the chorus they sing ‘I’m super shy, super shy, but wait a minute while I make you mine, make you mine’ which makes the song easy to get stuck in your head. On their self-titled track ‘New Jeans’ is a concept (and collaboration) with The PowerPuff girls to be seen. The title track is self-explanatory, New Jeans stands for new and refreshing and that’s exactly what they let us hear and see as well! ‘New hair, New tee, NewJeans, Do you see?’

Both songs will be featured on NewJeans’ new mini album Get Up, which will come out on July 21 — a day before they hit their one year anniversary mark as a group. Mini album will also include other songs like ‘ETA’, ‘Get Up’, ‘Cool With You’ and ‘ASAP’. Pre-save the album right here.

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