New Hope Club are out Just To Find Love

New Hope Club have released a newly filmed music video for their catchy song, ‘Just To Find Love’. The video will be one to remember since it was filmed under the Covid-19 restrictions.


Over the last weekend, New Hope Club have released a new music video for their song ‘Just to Find Love’. This song has only just been dropped on streaming services in the last few weeks in an extended version of their self-titled debut album. The boys had two new personal songs each which equalled six new songs in the new version. This song was one of Blake’s personal songs and is no doubt, probably the catchiest out of the six new songs and so, was made into a music video. It is the bands’ first music video since April and the boys have been constantly teasing it in their live streams with small snippets of the video.

The video was directed by the band’s videographer, Joshua Fairbrother, and it showed how great he is at his job. It was shot in London after dark, and they stuck to the current restrictions that are in place all over the UK. During the music video, George is seen on public transport wearing a mask which is compulsory now so this sets an example. It could even encourage people who are anxious about wearing them, that it is okay to wear them when needed. George has been named by fans as ‘the King of social distancing’. There were some other shots that were filmed down streets with graffiti up the walls, giving it an urban and street effect. The urban effect goes nicely with the neon lights that are used to give the band a spotlight when all three of them are performing together.

Like every other typical music video centered around love, Blake, George and Reece all have love interests in the video. Then as the video goes on the girls all find new loves and their actions with the new boys mirror exactly what they were doing with New Hope Club. It is a clever parallel to show how all past and future relationships consist of the same thing, love.

You can watch the video above. Hopefully it won’t be as long a wait till the next music video from New Hope Club as they are already talking about album number two. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan and we get new music (and new music videos) from the boys again sometime soon!

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