NCT U’s TAEIL and HAECHAN stroll in New York City for new single N.Y.C.T.

N.Y.C.T. is released as part of the NCT LAB project


Let’s walk in New York City in the moonlight with TAEIL and HAECHAN.

NCT’s TAEIL and HAECHAN have come together to release the single ‘N.Y.C.T.’.

The Moon (TAEIL) and Sun (HAECHAN) of NCT complement each other’s voices in this feel-good R&B-pop track. The composition, a combiantion of guitar, bass and brass sounds with lovely piano melodies, creates a sweet and romantic vibe that matches TAEIL and HAECHAN’s smooth vocals ‘N.Y.C.T.’ is co-written by TAEIl and HAECHAN as a thank you to NCTzens.

N.Y.C.T.‘ has been highly anticipated since TAEIl and HAECHAN performed it for the first time at NEO CITY : SEOUL – THE LINK +, a Seoul special concert of NCT 127‘s second world tour in October 2022.

N.Y.C.T.’ is the eighth track released as part of the ongoing NCT LAB project. NCT LAB is an SM ‘STATION project for archiving NCT‘s various music activities. Moreover, the NCT LAB allows the NCT members to showcase their music colours through the release of solo tracks, self-composed titles and unit tracks.

NCTzens can find TAEIL and HAECHAN in NCT 127’s new documentary NCT 127: The Lost Boys, available to stream exclusively on Disney+.

Get ready to see TAEIL and HAECHAN making their comeback with the rest of NCT 127 members on October 6 with the group’s new album, Fact Check – The 5th Album.

N.Y.C.T.‘ is available on all music streaming platforms

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